Tracking and Mixing $35/hr. Discounts for projects for projects of 40 hours or more

 Mastering: $50/hr.

 Mobile recording $45/hr.


Music Videos shot with two cameras

At bthstudios with two track audio: one song/$350 

Three or more songs: $300/song

At bthstudios with up to 16 track Pro Tools audio and two camera shoot : $600/song

On location in a San Marcos, or Austin venue with two track audio: $500/song

Three or more songs: $450/song

On location with up to 16 tracks Pro Tools audio: $800/song

Three or more songs: $700/song

Internet Ready Business Ads

At bthstudios: $40/hr.

On location: $50/hr.

Special Event Videos

Birthday Parties, High School Reunion, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Quinceaneras:

block priced based on the event


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