PA s For Rent

One twenty four channel Pro Co 100’ snake.

PA Speakers:
Two Mackie SRM 450 bi-amplified active powered monitors,
Two Yamaha S12me passive monitors.
Two Mackie SRM 1530 triamplified active
Mackie SR 1530

Two Sennheiser EW 300 iem wireless personal in ear monitor systems.

One Allen & Heath GL3000, This is the one that is pictured at the top of the page.
One Mackie 24 channel SR24.4 mixer,
One Yamaha 16 channel O1v digital mixer,
One Yamaha EMX, twelve channel powered mixer.

Outboard gear:
TC Helicon Voice works effects unit,
Lexicon MX 200 Effects Unit,
One DBX studio drive rack.

One Sure Beta 87A,
Two Beta 58A,
Two Beta 57A,
One Sennheiser E865,
Beta58a-One Audio Technica AT 892cLM3TH head worn Wireless mic, shure-beta-87a-342723sen_e835
One AudioTechnica Atw-T341 handheld wireless mic.
One Audio Techica lavalier mic

Instrument and Amplifier mics:
Seven Sure SM 57,
One Sennheiser e609

Cables: Mics:
All mic cables are monster pro link 500 series or better.

Mic stands: ten

PRICES: The best value PA package $350.00 for four hours. Time over four hours is charged at $50/hour. This package includes One Beta 58 microphone and stand, the Yamaha O1V sixteen channel mixer, two Mackie SRM 450 powered speakers, two speaker stands and all cables to connect mic and speakers. This price includes delivery, set up, and tear down. This price also includes a sound tech to operate the equipment. This package is appropriate for up to 125 guests. This system can handle your dance list on CD,  iPod, or iPhone. These are quality components that produce superior sound, operated by professional sound engineers. Let Buda Treehouse Studios take the hassle out of your wedding sound needs so all you have to do is have a good time!

If you would like your ceremony amplified we have wireless systems that can be rented. The price varies case by case please contact us for prices.

If you need more sound reinforcement for a larger crowd contact us, and we will quote a price based on the equipment needed.