The Treehouse Band Hall

This page is under construction, as is the Treehouse Band Hall. The header is the is the south facade of the Band Hall. More to come soon. 

Looking out of one of the south big windows in the Treehouse Band Hall llThis is the view out of one of the 7’x 4′ south facing window. This also where the name Treehouse came from.


Song circle in the Buda Treehouse Barn

This was the Band Hall before any of the Burlap was up. This was the first jam in the Band Hall.


This is after most of the Burlap is up. The aquamarine panels go in every window when I’m ¬†recording, or shooting video. All ten of the window covers are 96 NRC acoustic traps. There is also a 8’x 32′ base trap running down the center of the ceiling. The band hall is 704 sq. ft. and will be available for full band recording, band practice, video shoots, live performances, small conferences, and jams. As soon as the Band Hall is finished I will be hosting a regular monthly open mic. As of now the open mic will be on the 2nd Friday of every month. We are going to call it Inner Sanctum Friday.

George, Brant, and Richard


Brant, George Henry, and Richard Parke at an open mic in the Treehouse Band Hall.


Jimbro and R Parke


Jimbro Lutz, and Richard Parke at the same jam 7/26/14.

Eric back lit bestEric long shotEric 12 string

Eric Carreiro recording in the Treehouse Band Hall. August 26, 2014. I’m very glad to have a room large enough to record an entire band live.