Here are a few tunes from George Henry Richardson and Nick Richardson. His latest CD “Father and Son” was recorded live in Room One with both guitars and vocals being recorded at the same time. This was possible because of Melodyne Studio software.  For bookings or to purchase music:









Here are a few from Rory Don Moore who drove from north of Dallas all the way to Buda to   Record “A Hush on the Prairie” and an as yet unnamed EP.

Soul Mate            Crazy Horse            Letter of Caution

Rory Don Moore

Rory Don Moore








Here are a couple from Max Nofziger’s first CD “Spring Suite” Many of you may know that he was an Austin City Councilman, but may not know he is a great song writer.  In the photo he is recording in our Room One.  To purchase “Spring Suite” email Max is starting his next CD at bthstudios in January.IMG_1092

Darkest Night   Hope of Love

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